Who is this "Big Chok?"

Big Chok (pronounced "chock" not "choke") is a man, a myth, and a legend. Big Chok's HOT BUN recipe is an inheritance, passed down through successive generations of Choks to eventually take the form of the Big Chok's HOT BUN you enjoy today. Big Chok was a worldy individual, originating from somewhere on the peninsular Indian Subcontinent. His travels took him around the world, where he loved (and was loved by) a variety of cultures (and their peoples). With each new destination, came delicious new ideas for HOT BUNS. Please remember this great man, and pay homage...for without him, Big Chok's HOT BUNS the company would be little more than an eye-twinkle.

What is this "HOT BUN Food Truck?"

Big Chok's HOT BUNS is an up-and-coming food truck in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. Our focus is on providing quality street food, artfully crafted from the freshest local ingredients. We would say more about our buns, but we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise...because everyone likes surprises, right?

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